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After having their self-titled album debut at the top of the UK Albums Chart this fall, The 1975 have now brought their success across the pond to America. Their single "Chocolate" has been climbing the charts, and the guys aren't stopping there.

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The band's own Matthew Healy tells iHeartRadio that the album is a "combination of material we'd work on for several years." He adds, "That album is just a scrapbook of ideas and conversations and situations, It’s very much a testament to a kind of situation perspective of somebody’s adolescence, my adolescence, and it’s everything that I am. Everything that I was up until then."

The band performed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" late last year, and Matthew tells iHeartRadio, " It was cool. It was really good. It’s really weird doing those kinds of things, even in the U.K. You grow up watching shows like that."

Matthew Healy stopped by the iHeartRadio Studios when the band was in New York recently, where he talked to us about everything from robbing banks to girls to what chocolate really smells like. Get to know Matthew in offBEAT below.

What happened in 1975?

Lots of stuff. Thriller in Manilla which was Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. The Watergate scandal, those are American things. Margaret Thatcher came into power in the U.K., that was a big deal. I only really know these things after naming the band 1975; it doesn’t really have any relevance to us, but yeah I’ve become slightly informed of that year and what's happened.

What does chocolate smell like?

I suppose it depends what metaphor you’re using it for. I mean – chocolate for us, like the song “Chocolate” is really a kind of metaphor. It’s about relationships between small town kids, counter culture and small town police, and the boredom that ensues between both of them. Chocolate’s kind of a metaphor for anything really but I think a lot of people have a pretty good understanding of what it smells like to us anyway.

Do you guys have a favorite kind of chocolate?

Well European chocolate I mean – there’s a lot of food in America that we love but British and European chocolate is the way for, galaxy. Because your country [America] is too hot, everything melts. You have to put stuff in the chocolate to stop it from melting. Where as we just have good milk chocolate all the time.

What makes girls "just girls?"

Well I suppose kind of that line really flipping, you know the "Just Girls," it’s kind of emphasizing the fact that that’s not really how I feel. I have to convince myself from time [to time] stop worrying, it’s just girls. I think girls are a nightmare. Girls have always been the pain of my life and also the one thing that inspires me the most. I don’t know what it is but I think the song “Girls” is kind of just another story in the facet of my obsession with femininity really.

When do you feel pressure?

I feel pressure all the time. I feel quite exposed quite a lot, I’m very honest. I don’t really say anything that I don’t mean or I don’t feel so it leaves me quite open to get criticized. I feel a lot of pressure from the industry but I suppose you’ve just got to ignore it.

If you were a robber what would you steal?

I’d be a bank robber, yeah. If you’re gonna be a robber be a bank robber surely. That’s where the money’s at. That’s where the excitement’s at. And you can do loads of kind of inside job kind of plans. That’s what I’d be up for doing if I was a real robber.

What’s in your city?

A lot of rain. That’s London now, I suppose my city. So every type of person in the world is in my city. I love London.

When is it time to settle down?

Not for a while with us. I think we’re on tour the next 18 months, so we’ve been on tour for a year. It’s gonna be two and a half years of touring and I think the first time we settle down is when we start making the next record which will be January of next year. So let’s say January.

What is the most awkward encounter you’ve ever had?

It’s been quite a lot this year. When I met David Byrne from Talking Heads. I thought I’d be really really cool in front of them, and I thought I’d express that he’d inspired me, and I’d now become an artist who was doing well. I thought I’d be able to explain that to him. But he walked passed me and I was eating like loads of sweets and candy. I just dropped on the floor and went “oh, sorry” and that was it. I didn’t get to even talk to him at all, that was quite embarrassing.

When do you talk so loud?

All the time. That song’s really just about me being able to utilize the way I talk to influence people as opposed to actually what I’m saying. It’s about the utilization, the vocabulary, and influence that kind of overrides sometimes whether I’m in the right. So I talk loud in that regards all the time, that’s what the song’s about.

What is with the all caps in your social media, and on your website? And no punctuation? 

I just did it the first tweet we did. Everything that we do we like to offset things from reality a little bit and just oppose it, and try and kind of fight against the normalities that you find in places like the internet and stuff like that. So I think the space is just another way of us kind of making things slightly removed from reality, so we don’t have to be so exposed as individuals, that’s where the slashes come from.

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