Congratulations to our OCTOBER 2010 Winner!

B104 Salutes Miss Megan Fisher! Miss Fisher is a 5th Grade Teacher at Luis A. Ramos Elementary School in Allentown!

Miss Fisher was nominated by Zackary K. and his mom.

This is what they had to say about Miss Fisher:

"Miss Fisher has really brought out the best in her students. She does her job to the point that it nurturing and in ways they can understand. My son had a lot of difficulties in math, but with the help of Miss Fisher he has really grown to love math. All and all Miss Fisher really deserves the teacher salute for her hard work and solid dedication to her students." 


Congrats to our November 2010 Winner!

B104 Salutes Mrs. Lisa Jones! Mrs. Jones is a Kindergarten Teacher at Lehigh Township Elementary in Walnutport!

Mrs. Jones was nominated by her student Liam G. and his mom Aimee!

This is what they had to say about Mrs. Jones:

Mrs. Jones has been teaching at Lehigh Elementary for over 17 years, teaching mostly kindergarten for all these years. Mrs. Jones loves each and every one of her students. I feel that one of the most important roles of a kindergarten teacher is teaching the children to love school and wanting to learn more. She is warm and loving to all the kids but knows when to be firm. She was my daughters's teacher 2 years ago and now my son's.

To quote Liam " I love Mrs. Jones, she is the bestest teacher."


Congratulations to our December B104 Teacher Salute Winner... Mrs. Rebecca Olver, Kindergarten Teacher at Shoemaker Elementary School in Macungie!

Mrs. Olver was nominated by her student Madison Dager.

This is what Madison & her mom had to say about Mrs. Olver:

"We would like to salute Mrs. Olver because she has made Madison's start to her first year of school an enjoyable one. Madison wakes up and is excited and eager to go to school every day. Mrs. Olver has taught my daughter so much in such a short period. I have seen so much growth since the beginning of the year. It takes a special person to face the everyday challenges in the Kindergarten classroom. When I asked Madison about Mrs. Olver she said she is the BEST, GREAT and very GRATEFUL!!!"


B104 Salutes Mrs. Tracey Miller! Mrs. Miller is a K-5 Teacher at Kratzer Elementary in Allentown!

Mrs. Miller was nominated by her ENTIRE class!!

With the help of the classroom staff this is why the student nominated Mrs Miller:

"Even though we cannot speak, she always knows what our needs are. She does this through communication devices and picture symbols. Mrs. Miller always puts our needs first and her work last. She does a wonderful job including us in regular education classes where we meet many new friends and teachers. When we first came to Kratzer we were not able to access the courtyard. Mrs. Tracey took it upon herself to get a ramp built so we could go out there with the rest of the school children. She even went home on the bus with a child that was in distress. And as we leave Kratzer Elementary going to middle school, she prepares us for a smooth transition. These are just a few of her wonderful attributes as our teacher."

Congrats to Mrs. Krista Green, 11th grade English teacher at Northampton Area High School for being the February 2011 B104 Teacher Salute Winner!

Mrs. Green was nominated by her student Cole Sheptock and his parent. This is what they had to say about Mrs. Green:

"I am nominating Krista Green for B104 Teacher Salute not only because she is an excellent teacher but because she reaches out to the students of Northampton High School and executes lessons the best of her ability. My son has spoken very highly of her along with several other fellow students of his. In conclusion I believe she is the most qualified for this award."


Congrats to Mrs. Laurie Gleghorn, 5th grade teacher at Miller Heights Elementary School in Bethlehem for being our March 2011 B104 Teacher Salute Winner!

Mrs. Gleghorn was nominated by her student Ryan Brown. This is what Ryan had to say about Mrs. Gleghorn.

"Mrs. Gleghorn is fun and energetic! She makes books more interesting when she reads out loud by using different voices for the various characters. Mrs. Gleghorn is in charge of the school Student Council which I am happy to be a part of. She makes up her own jingles to help her students remember prepositions and units of measurement. If you pick her as teacher of the week, we will sing them for you! Mrs. Gleghorn comes up with creative writing projects which makes us want to work and do a great job. Even though she makes coming to school fun, she still has rules that we must follow. I think Mrs. Gleghorn deserves to receive the B104 Teacher Salute and I am sure the rest of the class would agree. If you choose her, I guarantee you will have a great time when you come to our class!"


Congratulations to Miss Tanya Thear, 8th grade Math and Social Studies Teacher at Nitschmann Middle School in Bethlehem! Miss Thear is our B104 Teacher Salute Winner for the month of April!
Miss Thear was nominated by her student Tori Kaleycik!

For being the April 2011 Teacher Salute winner, Miss Thear and her class will receive a pizza party from Little Caesars Pizza (delivered by B104's Mike & Steph) and Miss Thear will also receive a $250 Gift Certificate to Meera Salon and Day Spa!

Thank you Miss Thear for being a GREAT Teacher!

This is what Tori had to say about Miss Thear:

"I can't think of a teacher who deserves this honor more than Ms. Thear. She teaches a program known as Sequoia which includes all of the required 8th grade classes and then some. The program focuses on incorporating outdoor learning with indoor learning. What my mom really liked about the program is how diverse it is. The program looks to merge students with diverse backgrounds and not just all that have similar grades. This helps us work with all types of students and we learn from each other. My mom said this is what will best prepare me for the real world. We've gone on a few 3-night overnight camping trips and we have another one coming up in the spring. What sets Ms. Thear apart is the passion she has for her job. You can see how much she enjoys seeing the kids grow from day 1. She is so dedicated to her job and us, her kids. She comes in every morning before 7:30 even though class doesn't start until 8:20 because she wants to be there in case any of us come in for extra help. She stays after school whenever we need her to. As if she doesn't do enough, she volunteers her time to coach our softball team. This involves staying after school until 5 p.m. in order to hold a practice or to attend a game. She never complains. She sets such a good example for us. I have even seen so many kids in this program grow into leaders because of her. She pushes us because she wants us to always show our best. She does this because she knows we can and that makes us want to try extra hard just for her. The Sequoia program is so successful and it is because of her guidance and leadership. Not any teacher could do this job. She is full of energy! I am so glad that I was accepted into this program. I was one of the lucky ones chosen. I have grown so much not just as a student but as a person and the credit goes to her. She has prepared me so well for high school next year and I will be forever grateful to her and her dedication to us. She has inspired me to become a teacher. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher for special needs children and when I get my degree, I plan to find her and thank her. Thank you for doing this contest for the teachers. I think it's great that you let us tell you how much we appreciate our teacher."


Congratulations to Mrs. Sharron McCarron, 4th Grade Teacher at Nazareth Area Intermediate School! Mrs. McCarron is our B104 Teacher Salute Winner for the month of May!
Mrs. McCarron was nominated by her student Olivia Kennebeck.

For being the May 2011 Teacher Salute winner, Mrs. McCarron and her class will receive a pizza party from Little Caesars Pizza (delivered by B104's Mike & Steph) and Mrs. McCarron will also receive a $250 Gift Certificate to Meera Salon and Day Spa!

Thank you Mrs. McCarron for being a GREAT Teacher!

This is what Olivia had to say about Mrs. McCarron:
"Mrs. McCarron is the nicest teacher I've ever had! She is always there for our class when we need help. She makes learning fun for everyone by doing side activities like little skits and partner work. I have never, NEVER seen her in a bad mood. She is positive, has TONS of energy and we all love her! If any teacher deserves this award, it is definitely Mrs. McCarron. I would give her all of the things in this award if I could....I really hope you choose her. I will be so happy; I will cry tears of joy :) Mom and Dad say that she sets the bar high for teachers. She goes above and beyond for each of her students. If this award is meant for fabulous teachers, I KNOW Mrs. McCarron will get it! Thanks a million!! Love, Olivia"