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Ke$ha is teasing bits and pieces of her upcoming jewelry line, "Kesha Rose."  Among the items she's given fans a sneak peak of so far on social media is a collection of rings, pendants and bracelets made of human teeth cast in gold metal. 

In an interview with "Instyle," the singer says that she was inspired to launch a jewelry line after a backpacking trip last year.  When she returned home, she says she got in touch with one of her favorite designers Charles Albert to help her bring her funky concepts to life. 

But the idea of wearing human teeth as jewelry isn't exactly foreign to Ke$ha.  Last year, she made headlines for getting over 1,000 teeth in the mail after asking fans to send them in, later fashioning them into earrings and even a bra. 

Ke$ha will launch her jewelry line next month. 

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