Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen open up about their special bond and decision to abandon acting in the new Allure.

The famous twins each posed for a cover image, and discussed their business empire and life in the spotlight.

With regard to a question they’re always asked, Mary-Kate says, “‘How involved are you?’ It’s not like you wake up one day and have a huge company with four or five different companies within the companies.”

Their involvement with their fashion lines meant giving up the acting careers that made them famous.

“I was reading scripts, and ultimately I just said to the people who are representing me, ‘I need to do things 100 percent. I don’t feel like I can give you 100 percent of my time,’” explains Ashley. “There’s a lot of compromise in the entertainment industry.”

Mary-Kate ended her own on-screen career after some “Weeds” appearances and a 2008 movie.

She tells Allure, “I am not great at not being able to control the end product.”

The twins say there’s a lot of misconception about their choices and professional lives.

“I think people looked at us with the perception of, ‘Oh, you just have everything. You can do whatever,’” she Mary-Kate. “Strangers assumed we had enough money to just do nothing, or why would we go to college? And it’s such an uneducated perspective! You still have to grow within business. You have to take a chance.”

The designers put a premium on their privacy.

Mary-Kate describes her ideal vacation as “home” or “the middle of nowhere,” while Ashley says her own preferred time away “is about seeing no one.”

The Olsens’ strongest connection may be the one they share.

Ashley says their bond is “beyond words. We both carry the weight of each other.”