Even though he's pretty new to the EDM scene, Borgeous has become a huge name with smashes like "Tsunami" (with DVBBS), "Invincible", and his latest release "Wildfire".  But since it's the age of DJs playing a lot of unreleased songs at festivals, for a while, fans didn't even know Borgeous had anything to do with "Tsunami".

"They thought it was Tiesto, they thought it was Hardwell, they thought it was Martin Garrix's," Borgeous told us, "No one knew it was really us until a little bit before it was coming out.  We started plugging it was us, and then Billboard did the official announcement and Pete Tong."

So how does it feel to have everyone playing your song for 2-3 weeks and no one knowing that you actually produced it?  And how do you go from producing a pure festival track like "Tsunami" to producing a mainstream, female vocal track like "Invincible"?!?  Check out our entire sitdown with Borgeous.

Check out Borgoeous' latest single "Wildfire" below:

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