Congratulations to our JANUARY 2014 B104 Teacher Salute Winner... Mrs. Andrea O'Brien, 3rd Grade ESOL Teacher at Luis Ramos Elementary School in Allentown!

Mrs. O'Brien was nominated by her student Roberto and his mom Maria. Below is what Maria had to say about Mrs. O'Brien:

"Mrs. O'Brien is the type of teacher that will go above and beyond to get your child the help they need. She takes her students’ needs seriously so they can progress and she makes the child comfortable. My son Roberto was very shy and very quiet. Mrs. O'Brien worked with him in a way, where now my son is talking more in class; she’s happy to hear Roberto talk, and so are his classmates. My son wants a puppy so bad... he was told that if Mrs. O'Brien gives him a good report that he is talking more, that mom would get him the puppy. I explained this to Mrs. O'Brien and she calls me every week to tell me how Roberto is improving in school. As a parent I can see through her eyes, how much she cares about her students. On her own time, she is getting me information on how I can get my son that puppy he wants so bad and is working hard for it with the help of Mrs. O'Brien. She is just one sweet teacher that needs to be recognized."

Thank you Mrs. O'Brien for being an Outstanding Teacher! Mike & Steph will be visiting Mrs. O'Brien soon with a Class Pizza Party and treats from Meera Salon & Day Spa & Perkins Restaurant!