Congrats to B104's Teacher Salute Winner for the Month of March... Mr. Adam Woodring, 7th Grade Math Teacher at Easton Area Middle School!

Mr. Woodring was nominated by a few of his students: Seamus, Nevaeh, Charles, Jessah and Maddy. See what they had to say below:

Maddy: “I am nominating my teacher because he teaches me a lot. So far this year he has showed me how to round decimals and how to cross multiply. He shows us a lot more and he goes step by step on every lesson we learn. He also cares about the students in his class. He is always positive when we get an answer wrong, then he shows us how to fix it. He always has a positive attitude every day. This is why I nominating my teacher.”

Jessah: "Mr. Woodring is funny and fair. He looovvveeeessss pizza!! We like to see his cool classroom every morning!”

Charles: “Mr. Woodring is able to help me understand the equations being presented in a way that seems "fun". He usually incorporates some of the other students in the math and uses their personalities to make small jokes, which miraculously keeps the class awake. When I wasn't able to comprehend a subject, he came over to my desk and walked me through the steps of calculating the math in a way that I could understand it, just in a different form. He has done the same for many other students, catering to each one's needs. To sum it up, Mr. Woodring is the best teacher a student could ask for...At least, in my opinion.”

Seamus: “He is the most ‘awesomest’ teacher ever! He is funny and a good teacher!”

Nevaeh: “I am nominating Mr.Woodring because he is my favorite teacher and he makes my whole class laugh every day! He teaches math which I used to not be very fond of but I have grown to like it because he makes it fun! It would be so awesome if you picked him because he is the best teacher I ever had!”

Thank you to Mr. Woodring for being such an AWESOME teacher! Thank YOU for all of your hard work and dedication! Mike and Steph will be visiting Mr. Woodring's classroom with a Class Pizza Party from Little Caesars and prizes from Meera Salon & Day Spa and Perkins Restaurant!

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