Congratulations to our FIRST Teacher Salute Winner for the 2013 / 2014 School Year & the Month of October... Mrs. Patti Moser!

Mrs. Moser is a 3rd Grade Teacher at Willams Township Elementary School in Easton! She was nominated by her daughter, Meghan!

Below is what Meghan had to say about Mrs. Moser:

"I am not nominating Mrs. Moser because I have a child in her class but because I am her daughter and she is one of the best teachers I know. Growing up it was always rough having a mom as a teacher because there were no "fake" sick days for me. I used to think she was so mean for doing that to me, but in the end she was teaching me a lesson. Whenever I needed help studying or had questions about school I could always go right to her for help. I used to love going to school with her on bring your child to work day when I got older because I would be able to see how she interacts with her students and they would always have 100 questions for me. She has been teaching for about 30 years and still loves her job and what she does. She teaches for the same school district she went to school in, as to give back to the community as they gave to her years ago. She is trying to make a difference in these children’s lives. She gives them the extra time and attention they need, no matter what. I honestly could go on and on but no words could honestly describe what an amazing teacher and person I think she is.

Congrats again to Mrs. Moser for being such wonderful teacher! Mike and Steph will be visiting Mrs. Moser's classroom soon with a class pizza party from Little Caesars and Mrs. Moser will also receive a $250 Gift Certificate from Meera Salon & Day Spa!