B104 Congratulates Brittney Chuyko from Northampton for being our July Volunteer of the Month!

Brittney devotes all of her time and resources to animal rescues! She volunteers with the Sanctuary at Haafsville, Feline Finishline in Catty and works with No Nonsense Neutering! She also helps out with shot clinic with Furry Feet Animal Rescue in Walnutport!

We received many nominations about Brittney and her work with animals! We invite you to read all of the nominations below!

Thank you BRITTNEY for your hard work and dedication! You truly are a SUPERSTAR Volunteer! 

Carol: She rescues and finds foster and forever homes for MANY cats and dogs; Her whole heart and soul is in animal rescue!

Mihaela: Bri is an amazing person! She loves rescuing pets, and she goes above and beyond to protect them and to find them a family. I am glad that such beings live among us!

Cathy: She will drop anything to help/rescue an injured animal. She travels to other states and rescues animals from kill shelters. She spends a lot of her hard earned money to support animals and their needs!

Patti: Brittney has a compassionate heart to save as many animals as she can. She is truly an "Animal Angel" and does her best to find them homes. She deserves to win. She puts so many hours into her passion of saving rescues.

Liz: Brittney has volunteered with needy animals for over half her life. She is now a board member for the Sanctuary at Haafsville, fosters animals, does transports of dogs/cats from high kill shelters to safety, runs adoption days weekly, helps fundraise (she held a basket social that raised over $6000), helps pick up lost and found animals, bottle feeds orphaned animals, etc. etc. etc. There is no young lady in the Lehigh Valley that does as much as Brittney does so successfully. 

Kelly: Brittney has been working with animals as long as I know her. She was 15 yrs old when we met and she started volunteering with me. She was the ONLY teenager I knew that cared more about animals than anything else. She has since become more involved with animal rescue, fostering, trap neuter release of feral cats, transporting of animals from shelters in the south. She has dedicated her life to helping the animals through volunteering the majority of her time.

Heather: Brittany loves animals!!! Especially her blind cats and brindles. She has traveled to many states to save animals from being put down. She goes down for 1, comes back with many more...at any given time, you can find her in the community helping to catch stray dogs and cats. Many times it's in the pouring rain or the freezing cold, day or night, if you call her, she will be there. She also helps with neutering and adopting. She does it all. She deserves a gold medal for all she does. many nights, only gets to sleep a few hours before being at the clinic she works at. She is usually fostering many animals at one time also, so they do not have to sleep in the shelter. She is a asset to the community and to the animals!!!

Tiffany: Britney rescues all animals and really puts herself out there. She makes sure they all get good homes and will also foster until a home is found. Britney devotes all her extra time to rescuing and running fundraisers. She works at no nonsense neutering and makes sure those pets are ready for their new homes. She an amazing person with a big heart.

Kristin: Volunteering is her life! 

Patti: Britt has an incredible love of all animals. She spends endless hours rescuing animals. She goes out of her way to do it. If you need help with your pet, she is there! She organizes fundraisers for the cause. She deserves to win!!!

Ramona: I've never met another person in this world who volunteers more than this gal. She will help ANY and ALL animals she comes across that needs human intervention. She works, eats, and sleeps animals! She has rescued more dogs from high kill shelters than other person I know. She travels from The Lehigh Valley to the southern states several times a month to save as many animals as she can. The animals she cannot find homes for, she keeps and takes care of for the rest of their lives. 

Cindy: Brittney is amazing...truly. Brittney has loved animals all her life. She began animal rescue when she was very young through friends involved in greyhound rescues. It was like helping animals became her calling! She has spent years devoting ALL of her time (days, nights, weekends, rain, snow, heat) to rescuing animals and preventing the spread of unwanted / un-cared for animals. For many years, Brittney had very little, if any, income because she gave all her time and efforts into making a better life for these neglected or abused animals. She has traveled on her own time and at her own cost, up and down the east coast to rescue animals in other states that were about to be killed because no one wanted them. She saved them, helped them and got them homes. I have been a foster parent for Brittney for many years. She uses her car as a transport "bus" (its just a car, lol) and there are always animals and food and supplies filling every space of it! There no room for "people" except her most of the time! She really does sacrifice anything and everything of herself to give to those without a voice and without power to help themselves. That, in my opinion, is the greatest definition of volunteer there can be. 

Please visit these sites to see how YOU can help animals in your community: