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According to a website called "Priceonomics" they've put together a list of how much it would cost a certain performer to come to your party!! And let me tell you - no one is cheaper than $1,000!!! Of course this payment I'm sure goes to flying the artist out - getting their musicians or DJ's with them so they have to get some of the pay - you're manager takes a cut and the you have to stick around for the cake part of the Maybe some of the prizes are so high so that no one will pay them?! But I bet you there are some people on this planet that WILL pay this much!! I don't need to do that - I just need to know someone that would do that ;) 

Justin Timberlake - $1 Mil+

Justin Bieber - $1 Mil+

Madonnna - $1 Mil+

Taylor Swift - $1 Mil+

Adele - $750K+

Coldplay - $750K+

Rihanna - $500 - 750K+

No Doubt - $500 - 750K+

Katy Perry  - $500K+

Britney Spears - $500k+

Drake - #300 - 500K+

Blake Shelton - $250 - 400k+

Calvin Harris - $150K

Avicii - $150 - 200K+

Ed Sheeran - $125K+

Jason Derulo - $75K

Big Sean - $50 - 75K+

Selena Gomez - $85 - 125K+

Anna Kendrick - $35 - 50K+

Ice Cube - $30K+

Hey for a couple Hundred Savannah and I might perform this at your next birthday!