Cole & Dylan Sprouse is 22.  Male versions of the Olsen Twins, except without the post-child star success.  They shared the role of the kid in Adam Sandler's "Big Daddy" and Ross' son Ben on "Friends".  They had their very own show on the Disney Channel called "The Suite Life on Deck" . . . formerly known as"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody".

Abigail Spencer is 33.  Harvey's rival Dana Scott on "Suits".

Marques Houston is 33.  Roger on "Sister Sister", Elgin in "You Got Served" . . . AND Dumb Donald (the guy with the pink beanie covering his face) in the "Fat Albert" movie.  He's also an R&B singer.

Meghan Markle is 33.  Sexy paralegal Rachel on the USA Network's "Suits".

Jeff Gordon is 43

Daniel Dae Kim is 46.  Jin on "Lost".  And Chin Ho Kelly on "Hawaii Five-O".

Roger Clemens is 52.  Legendary pitcher, steroid user and borderline pedophile.  He's THIRD all-time for most strikeouts, behind Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson.

Billy Bob Thornton is 59.

Richard Belzer is 70.  Standup comic who's had roles on "Law & Order:  SVU" and "Homicide:  Life on the Street".  He played the same character on both shows.

Louis Armstrong  (1901 - 1971)  Jazz legend, known as the great Satchmo.  Best known for "What a Wonderful World" . . . a song Joey Ramone covered BRILLIANTLY right before his death.

Clara Peller  (1902 - 1987)  Wendy's "Where's-The-Beef?" sexpot.

Queen Mother Elizabeth  (1900 - 2002)  She stayed in Buckingham Palace even when London was being devastated by Nazi bombings . . . leading Adolf Hitler to refer to her as "the most dangerous woman in Europe."