BILL CLINTON is 68. . . The party starts at 4:00.  The REAL party starts after Hillary goes to bed.


GENE RODDENBERRY  (1921 - 1991"Star Trek" GENIUS.


Jonathan Frakes is 62.  Commander Riker on "Star Trek:  The Next Generation".


Diana Muldaur is 76.  Sexy Doctor Pulaski on "Star Trek:  The Next Generation".

Lil' Romeo is 25.  Young urban troubadour sired by The Master P.

Erika Christensen is 32"Swimfan" star who played Michael Douglas' daughter in "Traffic".  These days she plays Lauren Graham's sister on "Parenthood".

Rissi Palmer is 33.

Matthew Perry is 45.  Chandler on "Friends" and Oz in "The Whole Nine Yards".  Still trying desperately to get another sitcom . . . ANY sitcom . . . off the ground.  This fall, he's starring in a new version of "The Odd Couple".  He'll play Oscar Madison to Thomas Lennon's Felix Unger.

Tabitha Soren is 47.  Former MTV newsminx.

Lee Ann Womack is 48.  Country minx.  Biggest hit:  "I Hope You Dance".

Kyra Sedgwick is 49"The Closer".  Mrs. Kevin Bacon

Kevin Dillon is 49.  Matt Dillon's younger brother . . . who was Johnny "Drama" Chase on "Entourage".  Also awesome in "Platoon" and the 1988 remake of "The Blob".

Peter Gallagher is 59.  Sandy Cohen on "The O.C.".  He was also the real estate agent in "American Beauty" who gave his business to Annette Bening REAL good.  These days he's on "Covert Affairs" on USA.

John Deacon is 63.  Bassist for Queen.

Tipper Gore is 66.  Al Gore was a bore.  And he was so big he made her sore.  So she's not nailing him anymore.

Gerald McRaney is 67"Simon & Simon" and"Major Dad" superstar . . . AND "House Of Cards" on Netflix

Ian Gillan is 69.  Deep Purple's lead singer AND Jesus in the ORIGINAL cast recording of "Jesus Christ Superstar".  One of the absolute greatest singers . . . and screamers . . . in rock and roll.

Fred Dalton Thompson is 72.  Senator-turned-actor.  He WAS the D.A. on "Law & Order" but he quit the show to briefly run for president.

Johnny Nash is 74.  "I Can See Cleeeeaaaarly Now The Raaaaain Is Gone . . ."

Ginger Baker is 75.  INSANE Drummer for Cream.  There's a documentary about him called "Beware of Mr. Baker", and it's AWESOME.  This man is wonderfully, frighteningly insane.  Even if you don't like Cream, you need to see it.

Willie Shoemaker  (1931 - 2003)  Legendary jockey.

Orville Wright  (1871 - 1948)

Ogden Nash  (1902 - 1971)  Witty poet who came up with "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker."