Here are the top 10 results from a discussion on the website yesterday, to come up with the best words that are totally clean but SOUND filthy.



1.  Uvula.  That's the thing that hangs down in the back of your throat.


2.  Kumquat.  It's a fruit, you pervert.  Sort of like a small orange.


3.  Dongle.  You know, the little plug-in devices for your computer.


4.  Rectory.  The residence for a priest.  Which makes it even dirtier.


5.  Caulk.


6.  Throbbing.


7.  Coccyx.  (Pronounced cock-six.)


8.  Spelunking.


9.  Flagellum.  That's the little tail on microscopic cells.


10.  Angina.  A heart condition that gives you chest pain.



(And there are plenty more at the source.)