Luke Bryan might wear tight jeans and he might put on a great show, but we’re betting he never intended for his jeans to become a part of the show when he performed in Greensboro, North Carolina on Monday. 

What happened? Bryan was on stage enjoying himself during a stop on his “That’s My Kind Of Night” tour. Strutting down a catwalk to get from one stage to another, a fan video shows that he missed a step and landed on his side. Or was it the tightness of his trousers? Who's to say?

Thankfully, the only major damage was to his pride, but he bounced back nicely. Bryan made a big show of the fall, before running back down the catwalk for his Red Solo cup, which he took a big swig from and then threw into the excited crowd. Bryan’s current tour, which includes Lee Brice and Cole Swindell as his opening acts, continues this weekend with a stop in Lexington, Kentucky. See all of his upcoming shows here.


See the PHOTO of Luke's fall here >>