Everyone remembers the HOTTEST GUY or HOTTEST GIRL they went to high school with.  Just me saying that probably made them pop into your head.

So now that we're all adults here . . . whatever happened to them?  Did they peak in high school like you told yourself they would . . . or did they unfairly go on to even bigger things?


 Here are five of the best responses we saw online . . . 



1.  "I was back visiting my hometown and saw him riding a tractor down a main street."

2.  "She got kicked out of West Virginia University for drinking.  And with the amount of drinking at WVU, that's really hard to do."


3.  "She had five kids in eight years . . . but is still smoking hot.  Now she's divorced.  We haven't talked since high school but I put a photo of myself on Facebook and she 'liked' it.  Guess you could say things are getting pretty serious . . .


4.  "I just Googled him and found a mugshot for 'exposing a sexual organ.'"


5.  "I went to school in Tampa with CHANNING TATUM so, uh, he's doing okay."