Alright Ladies- admit it, every once in a while, you creep on your significant others Facebook wall. Even if it’s only for a hot minute, you still make a point to check it just to make sure that nothing seems out of the ordinary. Or, sometimes you just like to see that it says “In a relationship with” and your name next to it. I'll admit it. I've done it before, who hasn't? You can tell yourself you don't do it- but we all know once in a blue moon, you just wanna creep.

Facebook is a beautifully, evil tool. I found out my ex-boyfriend was cheating on me because he was dumb enough to leave his Facebook open on his laptop. Now, I’m not typically the girl who spends an hour a day rooting through a guys Facebook page to see what girls have liked his pictures, who wrote on his wall, is he “poking” anyone…. But I was. I was that girl. You all know that girl, she's always chattin your ear off about this, that, and the third that her boyfriend posted or some girl posted on his page blah, blah, blah. We all know one. That was me.

After I found the message, every day I was constantly paranoid that something was going on, every little thing someone posted on his wall made my heart sink into my stomach. Someone could have sent him a candy crush game request and I probably would have wanted to rip that girls face off.  So, I can relate to a lot of these women who are making Facebook such a pivotal part of their relationship. But it’s not going to make it any better.

Here’s the thing- everything you click, everything you like, whatever you post is visible to your friends. However, unless you’re one of those people who tries really hard to be incognito on Facebook, I’m going to see that you liked your cousins, best friends, ex boyfriends picture of his dog from 2009, because it’s going to pop up in my newsfeed.

My advice: stop putting so much emphasis on what other people are doing on social media, it’s just dumb. If someone writes on your man’s wall, so what? Is it really worth the 2 hour argument? Now, if this chick is half naked and posting some hearts and saying “I miss you xoxo”, at least confront your guy before you go into complete crazy girlfriend mode. It always helps to talk about things out first; it’ll help alleviate some of the drama.

I asked the ladies of the Ladies Room this: Do you think Facebook helps or hurts a relationship? Personally, I don’t think it will help your relationship, but if you are stressing about what each other is posting or liking or sharing, it might be time to give Facebook a break.

Steph- No...but then I never look at my husband's Facebook page.  He is rarely on it, so there is really nothing to look at.

Christine- It can hurt if you are a complete moron on social media!!!!

Bethany- I don’t think Facebook helps or hurts a relationship – I think it is dramatized way too much and should not have any influence on a relationship.

Heather-No I don’t believe it hurts a relationship as long as your able to look at each other’s’s and messaging

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Peace, Love and the Ladies Room- Meghan