As women, we are taught to love our bodies no matter what, and to be proud of the gifts we have both mental and physical, right? So what’s the harm in every once in a while, using your bodily assets to your advantage?

So, I have this bra.

It’s one of those bras where it adds like 9 cup sizes and makes you look like you’re… well endowed up top, more then you really are. Okay, so 9 cup sizes may be exaggerating, but it does help a girl out up there when some of us, need an extra lift.

I’ve had this bra for almost 5 years now. Which is the longest I think I’ve ever had one. It’s still in pretty good shape though. The straps are a little twisted, and the wire is only slightly poking out on the side, but for what it’s worth- I’m not throwing it away anytime soon.

My friends call it the “lie bra”, the “wonder-bra”, and the “bullet proof bra” because of all the padding it has.

Would I say I wear this bra to use my “bodily assets” to my advantage?


Has it gotten me a few free drinks here and there?

 Of course.

I would never wear it to work (unless of course I went a month without doing laundry and it’s the only clean bra left… I try really hard to avoid this, I promise).


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Peace, Love and the Ladies Room- Meghan