Hey guys, Hannah here.

I’ve always heard people compare their dogs to the dog from the movie “Marlee and Me,” but I swear my dog saw this and took it as a personal challenge to be WORSE than that dog! Like any typical 3 yr old dog, she’s still mischievous and you little by little see things go missing. Socks all of the sudden don’t have matches, dish towels are found in the backyard, but my Golden Retriever Kassie, has a taste for the finer things in life, such as my mom’s watch and cell phone, and most recently MY GLASSES!

And before you say “well, you should put them in a safe place” please know that with Kassie, nowhere is “safe.” Haha Instead of taking the snacks that were sitting on the kitchen table, she decided glasses were much tastier. Maybe this was her way of telling me to get a better looking pair of glasses? The world may never know.

Has your dog ever went H.A.M. while you were in another room? Leave me a comment and tell me what your dog did!

Here’s Kassie and I when she’s being a loveable little girl.

And here's her destruction...