Jill Swanson is the author of the new book Out the Door in 15 Minutes. Jill Swanson is a style expert as well as a national speaker and has been in the image consulting business since 1982, working with companies and individuals teaching them how to update and accentuate their image and wardrobes. She is also the author of Simply Beautiful – Inside and Out.

Her new book has techniques to help streamline our busy lives; here are a few.

For starters, she recommends eliminating extraneous make up and skin care products:

Any items you don’t like or haven’t used in 12 months.
Frayed brushes, dried out sponge-tip applicators, tools you never use.
Cream products that have separated, changed color, or smell funky.
Mascara that is starting to dry out.
Dry or sticky lipsticks and ones that taste funny.

Jill’s top tools include:

Cotton swabs and cotton balls to blend and correct.

Good lighting for fast and accurate makeup application.
A quality pair of slanted tweezers.
Small sponge tip applicator with long handle for powder eyeshadow.
Soft angled blush brush approximately 1 ½ wide.
Smaller blending brush about ¼ to ½ wide to blend eyeshadow.
Eyelash curler.Metal eye lash comb.
A 10x-15x magnifying mirror.

Products can pull double duty in addition to cutting investment and application time in half:

Use a tinted moisturizer with an SPF.
A duo finish foundation combines foundation and a powder.
Eye shadow can work as a brow color and often is easier to match to hair color.
Dip a thin brush in water and in dark eyeshadow and apply to the lashline.
Lip balm also works as a brow tamer.

Out the Door in 15 Minutes also addresses hair, body, wardrobe, packing and travel, and more. Jill also includes a recommended reading list with more titles that help simplify and prioritize. Sign up for Jill’s “Got a Minute – Get Some Style” for fashion ideas and wardrobe advice.