Today in the Ladies Room, our topic was: No matter how bad a breakup is we always keep small mementos from our former beaus. We call them break-up souvenirs. Whatever it is, these pieces of your relationship history are a part of the timeline of your life…so what are some break-up souvenirs you have kept from past boyfriends? Why did you keep it? Have these souvenirs cause issues in any new relationship?

I may or may not still have a box under my bed that I call the "Ex Boyfriend Box." The majority of it's contents came from my two highschool boyfriends, one I dated for three years and the other for a little over a year.

The main reason i've saved some of these things is simply for my own benefit. Once and a while when i'm feeling nostalgic, I break out the box, read some old notes he wrote me in high school and laugh at myself for being so young and dumb and clueless.

From poems, to love notes, to stories of our "future" together, I think my box covers all the bases. There's also a few old unflattering pictures, some photobooth strips, movie ticket stubs, and the index card questions that went a long with my one year anniversary present when I was 15: The Board Game of Our Lives. Unfortunaetly, I have no idea what happened to said board game, but the questions are pure gold!

I think it's fun to take a trip down memory lane once in a while. I'm sure one day i'll throw it all away, but for now, it's a really great laugh!

Peace Love and the Ladies Room- Meghan