9th Annual Patricia Clewell Adult/Child Bowling Tournament

Haja Rose Bowl Lanes

9th Annual Patricia Clewell Adult/Child Bowling Tournament

Sun Feb 16th at 2pm at Haja Rose Bowl Lanes on 15th Street

For more info email pcbowling2019@yahoo.com!

On Sunday February 16TH, 2020 at Haja Rose Bowl Lanes on 15th Street in Allentown, Pa we are having the 8th Annual Patricia Clewell adult/child tournament.  I am holding a raffle to raise money for the junior bowling program at Haja Rose Bowl.  We had a raffle on February 16th, 2014 for the first year at the tournament and raised over $600.00 and on February 15th, 2015 we raised over $900.00.  On February 21, 2016, we raised over $1,300 for the junior bowling league with just the raffle alone and it was 5th year for the tournament.  On February 19, 2017 we raised a little over $1,200 with just the raffle alone. In February 2018 & 2019 we raised over $1300 each year with the raffle alone.  

This is the 8th year we are holding the tournament so we are trying to keep this tournament going as strong as it has been with more prizes each year.  This will be my family’s last year doing the raffle but there will be friends who will take it over and keep it going as long as the program is going on. 

We are trying to raise more money each year for the Junior Bowling Program to help kids who love to bowl and keep costs down.  We would like to keep raising at least $1,000 with the raffle this year and if we can raise more would be great. 

          Patricia Clewell was very active with the Junior Bowling Program since 1981 till she passed away on May 21st, 2011.  My son has bowled at Haja Rose Bowl Lanes in the Junior Bowling Program from 2007 till 2013.  We moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia in October 2013 for my job but we are still very active with the Junior Bowling Program and help with organizing the Patricia Clewell adult/child tournament every year.

   I am looking for businesses to help support this great cause to help donate anything from gift cards to gift baskets.  I am asking if there is any chance to have things mailed to my home address so we have everything before we come up to Pennsylvania for the tournament in February and in case there is bad weather and we don’t get to Pennsylvania ahead of time to collect the donations.  My wife puts all of the gift baskets together with all the donations we receive.  The sooner we receive the donations the better it is so it gives us time to work on everything.

          Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions.  I can send you a copy of the flyer of the tournament as proof of what the tournament is and you can use it as proof of your donation as soon as we get it from the bowling lanes. We also have the tax id number if you require it for donations.  Thank you for your help and donation for the tournament. 

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