AMAZON can drop your boxes inside your house!

Would you let an Amazon delivery guy just open up your front door and leave your packages inside? Well, the option is totally here. Amazon has come out with a new keyless entry system that allows their workers to enter your home to leave items inside.


Set to launch in select cities next month, there’s also a camera system involved so that homeowners can watch while the package is being delivered – so you don’t have to worry about anyone doing anything sneaky in your house while you're not there. And, as long as they're booked through the Amazon Home Services program, other delivery service personnel can use the device too. The device will give the option of temporary access codes as well as longer term codes for guests who should always have access.


People on social media are a little skeptical of the idea with concerns about pets getting out and intruders getting in. But Amazon assures interested users that these kinks can be worked out!



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