Is a new job part of your 2018 plans?

INew research by money managing website WalletHub ranked U.S. cities for job hunters based on unemployment rates, job satisfaction, and median annual income. Here are the best and worst cities if you’re in the market:


  1. Chandler, Arizona
  2. Scottsdale, Arizona
  3. San Francisco, California
  4. Peoria, Arizona
  5. Gilbert, Arizona
  6. Plano, Texas
  7. Portland, Maine
  8. Irvine, California
  9. Madison, Wisconsin
  10. Boston, Massachusetts


  1. Shreveport, Louisiana
  2. Detroit, Michigan
  3. Newark, New Jersey
  4. Columbus, Georgia
  5. Birmingham, Alabama
  6. New Orleans, Louisiana
  7. Hialeah, Florida
  8. Fresno, California
  9. Montgomery, Alabama
  10. Mobile, Alabama



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