Don’t leave these things in a cold car

When temps drop that low you have to be careful about leaving stuff in your car you might otherwise not even think about.

 If you didn’t already know, don’t leave these things in your cold car:

  • Cellphones: The cold temps can seriously damage the lithium battery, making your phone useless. 
  • Canned beverages: Don’t hit the supermarket and leave a case of soda in the back of your car, because they could explode from the cold.         
  • Medication: Some prescriptions can lose their potency from the cold.         
  • Musical instruments: Especially if they are made of wood like a clarinet or a violin. The cold can cause the wood to contract and damage the instrument's ability to be tuned. 

And always remember, your gas tank should be above a half a tank when the weather is super cold to prevent fuel lines from freezing. (Newser


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