Face yoga can turn back the clock

A new study out of Northwestern University has found that Face Yoga, basically facial exercises, done regularly can actually make you look younger.

The Face Yoga doesn’t actually eliminate wrinkles, but researchers explain, "Underneath the fat there is a layer of muscle. As participants do these exercises, these muscles begin to grow in size, just as if you did a bench press and your muscles grew in size. As muscles grow, they fill out the face. They counteract the effects of sagging skin and the thinning fat. That makes the face look younger by making it look fuller."

16 women in their 50's agreed to a 20-week Face Yoga regimen and researchers found that after being analyzed by dermatologists, the women looked about two years younger! If you want to give the exercises a try, check out the HappyFaceYoga videos on YouTube. (Today)



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