An online debate rages over jean washing

A debate is currently raging online regarding how often, if at all, you should wash your jeans, and it seems there's a lot of different schools of thought. 

Overall, most people agree that they take a “less is more” approach to washing them, but some actually admit to rarely washing their favorite denim. Some say they skip the washing because they are lazy, others don’t like the feel of them after they’re washed, while some just don’t feel the need unless they spill something on themselves.

“My dog keeps sniffing my jeans as if to say 'do you realize these were in the dirty laundry?'" one person joked, while another non-washer added, “never know if I've actually lost weight or if my pants just fit looser because I've worn them for two weeks straight without a wash."

Still, there are plenty of people totally disgusted at the thought of not putting their jeans in the laundry after every wear, although that’s probably not great for them. Back in 2014, the CEO of Levis suggested just spot washing them, or at most, hand washing them and letting the air-dry.

Source: The Daily Mail

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