Get an Amazon box with adult toys in it?

Several Amazon customers are receiving sex toys randomly.

The packages are said to be part of a review scam.

Amazon claims this is not the case and they are looking into the complaints. 

Amazon is looking into several complaints from its customers who say they’ve randomly received sex toys. The sender is unknown. Unsolicited packages have been sent to homes across the country over the last few weeks, some containing LED lights and Bluetooth speakers. Amazon says there’s been an increase in sex toys reported.

One customer, Nikki claims she had to fight with Amazon representatives to get through to them that she mistakenly received the sex toys in a package. She says “[They were] under the impression that I was simply calling to find out who sent me a fun gift to satisfy my own curiosity.” It’s believed the sex toys are once again part of a review scam, we told you about before.

Amazon claims that’s not true. “We investigate every report of customers receiving unsolicited packages, and thus far our investigations have shown very few reviews submitted associated with these shipments,” says Amazon. “We will continue our ongoing efforts to prevent abuse and will ban all vendors and reviewers who abuse the reviews system.”

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