The crocodile is disappearing

One of the most recognized trademark fashion symbols is the Lacoste Crocodile. The brand is temporarily retiring the famous croc -- in order to call attention to endangered animals.

The famous French fashion house is launching a series of limited-edition polos that feature 10 of the most endangered animal species in the world. Proceeds from the $183 polos will go to animal conservation.

If you want to snag one, do it quickly, however. They are only making 1,775 shirts in total and the number of shirts produced for each animal represents how many of these creatures are left in the world.

The animals are:

Sumatran Tiger: 350 left in the world.

Saola antelope: Only 250 left in the world.

Kakapo parrot: There are only 157 of these flightless parrots left in the world.

Vaquita porpoise: Only 30 left in the wild.

Aneganda ground iguana: Only 450 of these reptiles left.

The Burmese Roofed Turtle: Just 40 turtles remain.

Northern Sportive Lemur: 50 left in the world

Javan Rhino: Just 67 of these rhinos remain.

Cao-vit Gibbon: One of the rarest apes in the world -- only 150 left in the wild.

California Condor: 231 birds left in the world. (Today)

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