Spielberg says no thank you to Carl's Jr

Steven Spielberg shot down a burger joint for trying to celebrate his latest movie. “Ready Player One” is Spielberg’s next hit and Carl’s Jr wanted to celebrate at a Los Angeles location. So they tweeted they changed the name of a charbroiled burger the director likes to the “Spielburger.”

In one of the tweets they put out, the fast food haven noted "Spielberg hasn't signed off yet, but we assume he's cool with it."

He posted a cease and desist request via video on Twitter. That’s when the chain spokesman stepped in to say "SpielBurgers are not a menu item at Carl's Jr. locations. This was a social stunt from the brand to try and get the attention of Spielberg and his team to celebrate the launch of 'Ready Player One.'"

FYI, someone at Carl’s Jr should get a raise. There have been over 1.4 million views of the Spielberg video. Not bad!

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