Demi surprised Lyft drivers

Demi Lovato surprised a group of Lyft drivers who are hoping to launch a music career. A series of drivers showed up for what they thought was an audition for a television commercial in Miami, Florida, only to be surprised by Demi who sat in on their audition.

The singer teamed with Lyft to celebrate drivers reaching half a billion in tips, with four aspiring musicians, including Ja’Rae Womack, the niece of the late R&B legend, Bobby Womack, and the great grand-daughter of musician, Sam Cooke, getting a chance to perform for Demi.

“I was inspired by all four amazing Lyft drivers and am so lucky to have had the chance to get to know their personal journeys and make it that much easier for them to pursue their love of music,” Demi told "Entertainment Tonight."

The other performers included bassist Jermaine Walden, Conrad Clyde, and Eric Monterossa, and all four were eventually given yet another surprise. Not only were all four artists given studio time, but they also received VIP tickets to Demi’s show.

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