Eat like "The Jetsons"

Better than butter - Butter substitutes aren’t usually great for baking, but Fora Foods think they’ve figured out how to make one using chickpeas. This Fababutter is made using aquafaba, that thick liquid in the can of chickpeas, along with coconut oil and other ingredients to create a great-tasting non-dairy butter.

Healthy snacks from the sea - It turns out jerky doesn’t have to be made from meat, and Akua’s Kelp Jerky is a plant-based, high protein, low-sugar snack people could be chomping on in the future. They says the texture is close to animal-based jerky, but it does have a “seaweed covered in strong, savory spices” flavor, if you’re into that.

Nutrition bars made from bugs - We’ve heard that bug-based protein will be big in the future and these Swedish snack bars are making insects mainstream. They’re called Eat:em and they’re made with natural ingredients like cocoa beans, nuts, dates, coconut oil, and roughly 32 ground crickets per serving and no added sugar. 

Coffee that’s easy on your stomach - Afineur, a “custom fermentation studio” is creating eatCultured Coffee, which is fermented a second time before roasting to minimize coffee’s unpleasant side effects, like acid reflux and jitters. It’s supposed to taste like smooth coffee “with a less acerbic aftertaste.”

Ketchup in solid form - Slice of Sauce is a dehydrated ketchup product that looks like a slice of red American cheese. These slices are made without GMOs, high fructose corn syrup or preservatives in traditional ketchup.

Source: New York Post

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