Conjunction Junction will never be the same

Bob Dorough, the musician behind many of the great "Schoolhouse Rock!" songs – has died. Dorough passed away Monday at the age of 94.

Dorough may not be a household name, but his songs have helped young people across generations navigate the complicated worlds of grammar, math and science. His best-known piece from the animated musical series is arguably "Conjunction, Junction," but Dorough was also behind all the songs in the show's "Multiplication Rock" series.

While Dorough’s music was loved by children, he was also a respected jazz pianist, working with the likes of Miles Davis.

Not familiar? “Schoolhouse Rock” is a series that originally ran from 1973-85 as Saturday-morning short-form content. The music and rhymes help kids learn basic facts and history. The series saw a revival with new and classic episodes in the 1990s, with others produced direct-to-video in 2009.

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