Wearing glasses ACTUALLY means your smarter?

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland have confirmed what some of us have suspected all along: people who wear glasses really are smarter than everyone else. They analyzed genetic data of nearly 45,000 people for their study and found that those classified as “intelligent” were almost a third more likely to have genes that would require glasses than those with lower intelligence scores.

So science backs up the stereotypes that nerdy kids and professors peering through their specs really are smarter than those who have excellent vision naturally. And while researchers can’t really explain why this link exists, they also found that those with a higher cognitive ability also had genes linked to better cardiovascular health.

The research team examined 148 genomic regions related to better cognitive function, including 58 that haven’t been previously reported. Researcher Dr. Gail Davies says this is the largest genetic study of cognitive function and these results could help understanding the declines in cognitive function that happens as people age or with illness.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you can just slip on a pair of spectacles and boost your IQ score

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