Kate Spade RIP

Kate Spade has died. Officials say a housekeeper found the fashion designer in her apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Her husband of 24 years, Andy Spade, was home when she passed.

It's been confirmed that Kate also left a note for her daughter, 13-year-old Frances Beatrix Spade, to let her know that the suicide wasn’t her fault. According to a source, “It was over family problems…in her relationship.” Several other sources have said that the two had separated...and that Andy was apartment hunting.

Kate was a native of Kansas City, Missouri. She moved to New York City in the 1980s to work as an editor for “Mademoiselle.” She launched Kate Spade Handbags with Andy in 1993, and it grew to a full-scale clothing and jewelry line. The Spades – who married in 1994 – sold the majority of their empire to Neiman Marcus in 1999 for a reported $34 million dollars, and then the rest in 2006 for another $59 million.

Tributes have poured in for Kate. Anna Wintour said, “Kate designed with great charm and humor, and built a global empire that reflected exactly who she was and how she lived. Long before we talked about authenticity, she defined it.” Her famous brother-in-law, David Spade, also weighed in on her death. He posted both on Instagram and Twitter...and on The 'Gram, he shared a picture of them at a family gathering with the caption, "She was so sharp and quick on her feet. She could make me laugh so hard. I still cant believe it." On Twitter, he showed her at his book signing. On both posts, he said, "It's a rough world out there people. Try to hang on."

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