Found after 10 days


They were missing for ten days; but now, Thailand's army says the boys soccer team has been found. They may be exhausted, they may have been very hungry – but they’re all alive.

Sadly, their ordeal is nowhere near over as the group of 12 boys and their coach may have to stay there – for months! Rising waters are the culprit – and rescue crews are trying to supply the group with food and medical supplies. Doctors are also accessing them to make sure everyone’s really okay. As for their exit, the Thai Army says the boys may have to learn how to dive or wait months for the flooding to go down.

The team entered the cave to avoid heavy monsoon rains during a team outing on June 23rd. As for why it took so long to locate them, they were nearly a mile underground. Rescuers, which included Thailand’s Navy SEAL team, and American military assets are continuing to work – both attempting to drain the water from the chamber and possibly drilling into the cavern to liberate the team.



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