Prosecco-Infused Sugar Straws are a thing!


Good news, y’all. While we mourn the loss of our plastic straws, there are reusable alternatives popping up everywhere. One of these alternatives? Candy straws. You can use them AND eat them. And the best version of candy straws is finally here: prosecco-infused babies to make your bubbly beverage even more delicious.


A collaboration between Ruffino Wines and Sweet Saba candy has resulted in the straws we all need in our lives. The straws are made of paper and are all sporting a beautiful candy at the top infused with a delicious prosecco. The straws come in three flavors – peach, elderflower, and “bubbles and celebration.” They’re even garnished with edible gold.


Run to get these straws immediately – but start counting your pennies! These bad boys cost $45 for a three-piece set.



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