Married Mom makes $60,000 a year CUDDLING!

  • Married mother of three Jessica O'Neill rakes in the big bucks for her family by cuddling strangers
  • She charges $60 for "strictly cuddles," adding on perks like a cup of coffee or counseling for more
  • In total, she rakes in $57,800 a year

Married mother of three Jessica O’Neill has found a unique way to combine her experience as a massage therapist and counselor, all while working from home and making an honest living.

O’Neill is raking in the big bucks for her kids and husband Jason by offering clients “strictly cuddles” for $60 per hour. That’s right, she makes nearly $60-grand per year by cuddling strangers. Clients can request extra perks, like a counseling session for $80 or a “friendship style” cup of coffee and some cuddles for $110, but never anything more than that.

Do things ever get awkward? Sure, but O’Neill says that 99% of her customers are “very well behaved.” And the husband? He actually doesn’t mind a bunch of male strangers hugging up on his wife, since she’s a professional.


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