The "Peanuts" Gang has their own hotel

If You Love The "Peanuts" Gang This Is The Hotel For You              

If you are a “Peanuts” fanatic, then it’s time to plan a trip to Kobe, Japan. That’s where there’s a new hotel completely themed for Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang. You’ll get your pick of one of 18 themed rooms, each showcasing a different comic from the legendary strip.

Three floors are themed "Imagine," "Happy," and "Love." The halls and rooms feature illustrations and famous quotes from the franchise including “Happiness is a warm puppy.” They nailed the details right down to the bottles of shampoo with Snoopy’s face on them, but you won't be sleeping on top of a dog house!

After relaxing in a room filled with memorabilia, you can hit the Peanuts Cafe and Peanuts Diner that includes Lucy's Cheesecake With Poppin Candy on the menu.

The hotel opened August 10, which is Snoopy’s birthday.

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