Olive Garden's Hunt is on to win a Pasta Pass!

If you’re heartbroken that you didn’t get one of Olive Garden’s Annual Pasta Passes that gives you access to all the pasta, soup, salad, and breadsticks your body can handle, we’ve got some good news. The Italian restaurant chain has announced they have 10 additional Annual Pasta Passes for the public, but you can’t just shell out $300 to buy one this time.

Olive Garden is giving the passes to winners of their online scavenger hunt. You’ll have to solve riddles by deciphering clues and all the details are on their Twitter. It might not be easy to score one, but neither was buying one. The 1,000 fast fingered humans that nabbed one last month were lucky, the passes sold out in HALF a second! So if you want to be part of that year-long carb-fest, good luck on the scavenger hunt.

LINK: https://www.thedailymeal.com/eat/olive-garden-countdown-clock-announcement/091718



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