Internet is mad at this marathon proposal!

While runners took over New York City for the annual marathon, one competitor had to make an unexpected stop along the way. Kaitlyn Curran had been training for about a year for the marathon, her very first, and as she approached mile 16, she sees her boyfriend in the crowd and stops to say hello. And a video shows us that’s when DennisGalvin, the boyfriend, hops over the barrier, gets down on one knee and proposes. In the middle of the marathon.

In the video, which was shared by CBS News, we see Dennis slip the ring on and Kaitlyn say yes and then continue on her way to finish the other 10 miles she had left to run. The story has gone viral, and the Internet is now angry this guy decided to pop the question mid-marathon.

Twitter was flooded with tweets shaming Dennis for his timing and for stealing his now fiancé’s thunder during her first marathon. People pointed out that “she worked hard for that” and say “he made it about him.” Others were more focused on the fact you shouldn’t stop a runner before the end of the race and some tweeted that the guy needs better friends because none of them stopped him from proposing then. And one tweeted that “Seeing all of Twitter pile on the NYC marathon proposal guy gives me faith in America.”

But here’s the thing, everybody: Twitter had no idea if Kaitlyn loved this proposal or not. She said yes, looked happy, and ran off to complete her first marathon. Maybe it’s exactly what she was hoping for and Dennis made all her dreams come true, maybe she cursed him under her breath until she crossed the finish line. But let’s all just calm down and let them enjoy their engagement in peace.

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