WATCH: Kiss Cam on New Years 2019 gone wrong!

I mean, I do feel bad for this guy!

As the clock struck midnight and 2018 became 2019, plenty of people across the globe started the year off by sharing a kiss with someone, but one guy definitely did not. The man went in to kiss a blonde woman next to him but got denied, and it was all caught on TV. 

It happened during a filming of Top 2000 Live, a music event sponsored by a Dutch radio station that aired on TV. In the clip, the man leans in thinking everything will go smoothly, but the look on the woman's face says it all. She is confused and disgusted, and she immediately winces and avoids the incoming lips. 

It's since gone viral on Twitter thanks to a tweet that captioned the it, "I hope your 2019 starts off better than this guy's."

Among the comments the footage has gotten are how "cringeworthy," "awkward" and "sad" it is, with many others talking about the woman in the video, saying it is her year that got off to a terrible start, but praising her for her actions. One person wrote, "Good for her. She didn't want to be kissed and even though her body language was v clear, he foolishly proceeded. The brutal burn is of his own making."

Hopefully 2019 will get better for both people involved. 

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