Teacher Salute Winner - October 2019

Congrats to our first Teacher Salute Winner of the 2019 / 2020 School Year... Mrs. Theresa McNeely - Kindergarten Teacher at Kernsville Elementary in Orefield. Mrs. McNeely was nominated by parent Jessica Barrall and her daughter Revennah!

What Jessica had to say about Mrs. McNeely:

My child is special needs. She is having some trouble transitioning into public school. This teacher and the support staff that help my daughter are a Godsend. We have struggled as parents to raise her without daycare or babysitters due to the lack of verbal communication. This does not include outbursts of screaming, hitting and overall chaos she does indeed cause at times. The level of patience and understanding is massive when it comes to my little girl. We have been hesitant in many situations because as parents, it is taxing... so we know it isn't a cake walk as her daily homeroom teacher. I nominate this woman because she has no idea that my daughter sits home on weekends with her backpack on. I nominate her because she is patient and kind and passionate in her work. She has a daily drive to help my kid and her other students. She deserves to be recognized and rewarded for being what parents can only hope to have in their children's lives daily outside of home, an inspiration. A teacher who wants to teach and is willing to adapt for ALL kids to learn and flourish. I just don't think a gift basket at the end of the year is enough, and I am so grateful for her dedication.

Brought to you: Ciocca Subaru

Mrs. McNeely will receive a classroom pizza party from Little Caesar's Pizza hosted by Mike and Steph during the month of October, and prizes from Meera Salon and Day Spa and the Da Vinci Science Center!

Congrats Mrs. McNeely, thank you for your hard work and dedication to our community!

To nominate your favorite teacher... Register Here!

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