Teacher Salute Winner - November 2019

Congrats to our November Teacher Salute Winner ...Mrs. Debra Lechman - 1st Grade Teacher at Lehigh Valley Academy in Bethlehem - Mrs. Lechman was nominated by parent Jodie Nguyen and her son Iggy!

What Jodie had to say about Ms. Lechman:

"My son transferred to Lehigh Valley Academy this year after a very difficult kindergarten year at a school near our house. After successfully being enrolled at LVA, Mrs. Lechman called me to discuss my son's medical situation as well as the modifications he requires in the classroom. She set up a meeting before school started to iron out the details and meet my son. She set up a time for me to come into the classroom and explain to the class that my son has special needs. I read a book that explained special needs similar to his and answered all of their questions. Mrs. Lechman encourages my son to communicate with her when he is struggling academically instead of his nurse (which is also in the classroom with him). This way she can explain whatever it is again or maybe a different way. She modified her teaching day so I can bring my son in late and pick him up early and he does not miss any class instruction time. He goes into school with 5 bags every day and uses his wheelchair sometimes at school so they modified his day to get him in and out of school safely. Iggy's teacher noticed that he was really upset about missing recess at the end of the day so she asked me if it's okay for him to stay an extra 15 minutes so he gets a partial recess but still leaves early. My son was going to the nurse's office for his bolus feeds twice a day, but he was missing class so the teacher and I thought it might be better if his nurse does his feeds right in the classroom and we started doing that the very next day. LVA has the classrooms grouped together for 2 years so my son came into a classroom that already had relationships formed from the previous year. Mrs. Lechman made sure that my son was not only welcomed but also accepted and understood. My son loves school this year. Mrs. Lechman really went out of her way to make my son a part of her school family and I will always appreciate that. "

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Mrs. Lechman will receive a classroom pizza party from Little Caesar's Pizza hosted by Mike and Steph during the month of November, and prizes from Meera Salon and Day Spa and the Da Vinci Science Center!

Congrats Mrs. Lechman, thank you for your hard work and dedication to our community!

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