Kim Petras Surprise Drops Scrapped Debut Album 'Problématique'

Photo: Getty Images

Kim Petras has surprised fans by officially releasing her scrapped major label debut Problématique! The pop star teased fans over the weekend by tweeting a photo of a croissant and a cigarette on the ground near a drain hole, and fans hilariously correctly guessed it meant she would be dropping the leaked album. Then, on Monday, September 18th, Petras revealed that her would-have-been major label debut was available to stream. The album cover features a risque photo, shot by Steven Klein, of Petras standing in the nude save for a beret and a pair of black gloves.

The scrapped album features 10 tracks and includes a collaboration with Paris Hilton called "All She Wants." This is the second time Petras has worked with the hotel heiress/DJ/pop singer on a song. Over the summer, the two released a new version of Hilton's hit song "Stars Are Blind."

While Problématique ended up not being Petras' official major label debut due to it being leaked a few years back, the Grammy winner went on to release another debut called Feed the Beast earlier this summer. In a later interview, Petras opened up about how she felt about having to scrap the first album due to a person leaking it. "It's definitely someone I know and that's what's really annoying about it. It was just a double whammy in a lot of ways and really stung," she said before adding that she ultimately found a silver lining.

"How much better is the timing of this and Feed The Beast and what happened with "Unholy," and all of that stuff?" she mused. "So, there's a blessing in everything." She also added that she wanted to "put [Problematique] out as well at some point... There was some stuff on that [album] that I love and listen to to this day." We're so glad she did! Check out the new tracks on Problématique below!

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