Teacher Salute Winner: December 2019

Congrats to our December Teacher Salute Winner ...Mrs. Amanda Darragh - 10th - 12th Grade English Teacher at Lehigh Career and Technical Institute in Schnecksville! Mrs. Darragh was nominated by her students... see what the students had to say below!

  • Milo R. - She is an absolute trooper, going through every hardship she needs to for the education of her students.
  • Alberto M. Jr - Engages with students. Brings out the best of them!
  • Rosangelie P. - She is like a mother to us! She is a very good teacher and is very funny but she is strict when it comes to education! She makes learning fun and deserves this!
  • Annie L. – Mrs. Darragh is passionate and enthusiastic about her work and makes every class exciting and new! She does her best to help us when we’re struggling and acknowledges everyone in her class and hallways. Despite the many struggles in her personal life, she never fails to amaze me and others in the school with her skills and joy she brings every day!
  • Christian R. - She's a great teacher in my school she deserves a reward.
  • Zane T. -She deserves the reward because she works hard and makes class enjoyable by preparing fun filled activities that correspond with the curriculum!
  • Jared F. - Mrs. Darragh is interactive with us and she’s really funny. Our classes are always fun. She’s my last class of the day and it's the only one I look forward too.
  • Noah W. – Mrs. Darragh always finds a way to make class enjoyable and overall is my favorite teacher.
  • Kaitlyn M. - Mrs. Darrah is an absolutely amazing teacher. She makes everyone feel welcome in her classroom. The learning environment is actually fun but we get work done. I had to pick her for this contest because she deserves to win!
  • Tyler B. - She knows how to interact with her students well and knows proper ways to teach.

Brought to you:Ciocca Subaru

Mrs. Darragh will receive a classroom pizza party from Little Caesar's Pizza hosted by Mike and Steph during the month of December, and prizes from Meera Salon and Day Spa and the Da Vinci Science Center!

Congrats Mrs. Darragh, thank you for your hard work and dedication to our community!

To nominate your favorite teacher... Register Here!

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