Get ready for all things Kylie

Is Kylie Jenner getting ready to throw her own convention? We’re not sure, but she’s making moves like she is

The billionaire recently filed multiple trademarks for “Kylie Con,” “Kylie Kon,” and “Kylie Museum.” According to the trademark website, the goods and services requested for these phrases include special events, exhibitions, makeup workshops, beauty consultation services, clothing, accessories, children's apparel, and more. 

If there actually is such a thing as Kylie Con, look for it to mimic BeautyCon, the premiere event for beauty gurus, influencers and brands across the industry. The event could include keynote addresses by the billionaire and other major celebs and powerhouses. Spa treatments, performances, free goodies, meet and greets, parties, panels, makeup classes and stunning social media backgrounds will probably be on deck, too.