If This Is On Your Plane Ticket, You're Gonna Be Searched At The Airport

With waiting in lines and emptying your pockets, nobody likes going through airport security, but there's a way to tell if you're going to be spending even more time with the TSA. 

If your ticket has SSSS on it, expect to be questioned in depth at security. 

It stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection and if you aren't able to print your ticket out at home or from an airport kiosk, it might be why. 

When the TSA labels you SSSS, they want to ask you more about your travel plans and take a very close look at your ID. They'll also give you a full body pat-down in addition to having you go through the metal detector or body scanner. Meanwhile, your bags will be scrutinized too and you'll have to turn on any electronic devices. 

It doesn't end there - when you finally get to the gate, an alarm sounds when your boarding pass is scanned so the agent can ensure that you've been properly examined. 

As for why it happens - there's no official reason but the rumor is if you book a last minute flight, a one-way international fare, pay with cash or travel from a high-risk country, it's more likely you wind up with the SSSS. 

Safe travels!

Photo Credit: Getty, Wikipedia


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