THIS impacts your satisfaction at work more than you think!

There are a lot of things to love and hate when it comes to work, but it turns out most folks are in agreement as to what makes a job truly great – the people. 

According to a new poll:

  • 84% of workers say that great colleagues are what makes a job great
  • 54% of people say their co-workers make them happy on the job.
  • 67% say that they have at least one co-worker they consider a close friend.
  • Those who like their co-workers are twice as likely to look forward to work (86% vs. 40%).

But there are things other than co-workers that go a long way towards making someone happy on the job. According to the survey they are:

  • Salary/benefits (56%)
  • Flexibility (53%)
  • Sense of purpose (45%)
  • Growth potential (44%)
  • Learning opportunities (39%)
  • Office environment/culture (39%)
  • Work tasks (38%)
  • Work events/happy hours (38%)
  • Interacting with clients/customers (37%)

Source:SWNS Digital


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