When Is Splurging Worth It

Most of us like to save money when we can, so we often grab the cheaper version of an item and think we’re getting a deal. But sometimes the less expensive version isn’t really saving you anything because it stops working almost immediately and you’re kicking yourself for not spending a little more to begin with. So when is spending extra worth it? According to a recent AskRedditthread, these are the upgrades that are worth paying more for.

  • A solid backpack- Several users point out that an upgrade may be pricey, but a better backpack provides added comfort and will last a lot longer.
  • Wireless headphones- Whether you work in an open office, travel often, or have a kiddo who won’t stop listening to “Baby Shark,” Redditors say quality wireless headphones are worth spending extra.
  • Paying for movers- The older you get, the harder it is to rent a truck and bribe friends with pizza and beer to help. Lots of people say this splurge is totally worth not having to haul their stuff around and risk hurting their backs.
  • Quality sheets -You can find sheets and bedding at a discount, but it won’t last as long or be as well-made as the good stuff.
  • A longer phone charger- This low-cost upgrade makes a lot of Redditors happy and so does buying extra chargers to have extras in different rooms.
  • Better trash bags- It may seem wasteful to spend extra on something you’re literally throwing away, but you’ll find out why quality garbage bags are worth it after your cheap bag breaksand you have to pick up spilled trash in the rain at 10 p.m.
  • Living alone- Splitting expenses by having roommates is a popular way to save, but paying extra to live alone is worth it if you can swing it because it keeps you from having to deal with their kitchen messes, random guests on your couch, and questionable things happening behind closed bedroom doors.


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