Avoid a Food Coma on Thanksgiving

Tired of spending your Thanksgiving in an uncomfortable turkey-and-mashed-potatoes-induced food coma on the couch? It can be done and the key is getting through the feast without overdoing it. These ideas from fitness and nutrition experts can help you make good choices so you enjoy your holiday meal without feeling overstuffed.

  • Make it a three-meal day- Plan to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Thanksgiving so you’re less likely to stuff yourself at the big meal.
  • Splurge on your favorites- If you love cheese, grab a plate and load it up, no need to wait for the main meal if you’re not a fan of turkey and stuffing. Indulge in the foods you love so you feel satisfied.
  • Work for it- Get up and moving and take the family with you for a hike or walk or play a few rounds of football in the front yard before your feast. You won’t burn off all the calories from your meal, but you’ll feel better being active.
  • Make smart swaps- Instead of mashed potatoes, try pureed cauliflower. It’s healthier - cauliflower has six times the vitamin C, more than twice the fiber, and almost twice the potassium of spuds.
  • Pile your plate with veggies- Fill up 50% of your plate with non-starchy vegetables like Brussels sprouts, green beans, carrots, or a salad.
  • Go back for seconds- If you don’t overdo it on your first round, you’ll be ready to go back for anything you want more of.

Source:Real Simple


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